About me

Welcome Friends!

I am a full time medical writer at a small pharmaceutical company in Silicon Valley. I am also a freelance writer and editor with 4+ years of experience working on press releases, guest articles, blogs, website copy, technical white papers, presentations, and brochures of all shapes and sizes.

My PhD in cognitive neuroscience taught me how to learn and my innate curiosity has kept me on my toes while exploring everything from brains and blockchain to marmosets and macular edema.

I started out writing about other researchers' work as an intern with the U. of I. news bureau and keep up with freelance writing assignments. You can check out some (non-confidential) writing samples under the Published Clips tab. I also do technical editing and proofreading.

I am currently the President/Chapter Representative of the Bay Area Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience. In 2018-19 I reactivated the chapter, recruited over 100 Bay Area neuroscientists to join, and organized a symposium. I solicited donations for the Bay Area Brain Symposium to cover the expense of opening the event to undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral researchers. 

I also advocate for science funding and open lines of communication between scientists and policy makers with the Triangle Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience's Science Policy Committee (check out page 4) and I co-founded the NeuroBridge project to increase awareness of state-wide policy issues in NC.

It's not just all science all the time, though! I have an affinity for learning new languages, traveling, being outdoors and taking photos of nature, gluten free baking, and tandem bike riding with my husband!